Our advice to spend a few weeks at the beach in peace, safety and without inconvenience.


Questions & Answers

1How much space have you for each umbrella?
The space for each umbrella is equal to or greater than 13.5 square meters.
2Are prices increased?
No, we've kept the same prices in 2019.
3Should we put the mask on the beach?
In the beach resort, during the journey on the walk and in the common places (bathrooms, showers and changing rooms) you must respect the distance of 1 meter or wear the mask, while under your umbrella you do not need the use of the mask.
4Should we bath with the mask?
Bathing in the sea and in the pool is allowed without a mask but you have to respect the interpersonal distance of at least 1 meter.
5How does the pool work?
In accordance with safety regulations the pool can be used with entry allowed to a certain number of people at a time, in 20-minute shifts, under the supervision of our lifeguard.
6How does the games area work?
The games area has been cordoned off and, in accordance with safety regulations, entry is allowed to a certain number of children at a time, always under the supervision of an adult. Games are sanitized periodically.
7Is there animation?
In accordance with the Seaside Ordinance of the Emilia Romagna region, gatherings are prohibited, so if the situation does not change this summer it will not be possible to do any animation activities.
8Can we play some sport?
Individual sports or sport among members of the same family are permitted in sports areas and in water, always respecting interpersonal distance. The equipment provided by the beach resort is previously sanitized.
9How do you ensure the safety of equipment and common places?
We sanitize the equipment (beds, chairs, deckchairs) periodically and at each customer departure with chlorine-based solutions, we clean several times a day the bathrooms and changing rooms, hand sanitizer gels and disposable tools at different points in the establishment are available to customers.
10Can we deposit games and inflatable mattresses in cabins like other years?
This summer everything that has a promiscuous use is forbidden, so the storage of games and inflatable mattresses in the cabins will not be allowed.