La notte delle Streghe
WDW 2023 World Ducati Week

7-9 July 2023 – Cattolica, Romagnola and Marchigiana Riviera.

The Pink Night is the New Year’s Eve of the summer, the main event of Italian summer on the Adriatic coast. Everything becomes tinked with pink, from the restaurants to the beaches, and from Ravenna to Cattolica it’s a big party with shows and concerts of national and international level.
So, music concerts, but not only: theatre performances, theme illuminations, happenings on the beach, scenographies, and fireworks that at the stroke of midnight of the last day of party they illuminate the whole coast in the same time.
The pyrotechnic show, really exciting, is the coronation of an event extraordinary to live on the beach just to enjoy the magic reflex of lights and colours on the water, in the same time along 100 kilometres of Adriatic coast.
The three days of the Pink Night’s happenings are usually those of the first weekend of July, in full bathing season, guarantee of tourism, sun and fun!
By this occasion, Cattolica is obviously ready to welcome you in the best way in its hotel accommodations besides then in its roads, squares and beaches, which will be pink-dressed everywhere.
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