SuperBike – Misano World Circuit

from 28 April to 1st May, 2023- Cattolica centre and Lungomare Rasi Spinelli.

The show-exposition Cattolica in fiore, which takes place every spring during the first days of May, it represents a suggestive celebration of the nature and the incredible universe of flowers and plants that, with the arrival of the hot season, they reach and they express totally their extraordinary enchantment.

This unmissable flower show unties him through the city centre flooding the roads and the sidewalks of Cattolica for more than 4.000 square meters and turning the city into an overflowing garden with flowers of every colour and plants of every kind and dimension. Crossing the town you have almost the impression to live in a bewitched country, populated by a variegated crowd of visitors and where the nature reigns sovereign.

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